Jordan 5’s

Bristol Board and reclaimed packaging

13 x 9 x 5 inches each

Photo Credit: Greg Staley

These shoes are part of a spring 2020 solo exhibition in Cultural DC’s Mobile Art Gallery, located in a repurposed shipping container.  The show was inspired by “The Great Shoe Spill of 1990” – an incident where 5 shipping containers containing 80,000 Nike sneakers were lost at sea.  As the shoes washed ashore on the northwest coast of the US, oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer was able to create data leading to an important study of the ocean’s currents. 

Combining this incident with the subculture of sneakerhead collectors brings attention to the impact of consumer culture on the planet’s environment.  Each shoe is a version of the Nike’s iconic Jordan 5 sneaker, a shoe that was introduced in 1990, the same year as the spill.